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[FIX]Passenger side wiring harness leak

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:20 pm
by Bapsu
I guess GM L-bodies water leak is quite well known here, but still there can be little surprises when you start taking things apart. This story is based on -93 Corsica (sorry :D ), which have spent its whole life here in Finland.

In my case water was coming in between cars body and the harness. Actually the harness was feeling very loose on the firewall. No wonder why, since this was the outcome (only one of the bolts was holding the connector anymore):

After some more digging and fighting managed to take the connector out:
As you see, the other bolts hole isnt there anymore...

After tapping and bit with screw driver and removing worst parts of the rust:

And more:
Not much left eh?

Spent almost week with sanding the rust off with battery powered driller:
It was one hell of a mess to take all the rust away... fitting the drill there wasnt easy, the rust was quite sticky also, took hours to get some spots clean.

Same job below the dash:
Taking all the insulation stuff and wiring under the dash was quite annoying job also... even worse is putting all them back there.

Time to cut suitable pieces of steel and mount them to the body somehow (I dont have welder and welding didnt come to question in this case):
Also tested hows the connector sitting there.

Then its time to kit/filler/whatever you call it. You know what I mean :wink: :
And more:
Took hours to sand the kit to smooth surface, but after hours and hours managed to make it look like brand new and silky smooth.

Then painting:

And finally sealing:
Used roof bitume to seal the connection finally. At least this one isnt leaking anymore! Neither rusting I hope. It looks just like before, though A lOT cleaner (someone else had messed with the old connection with bitume/silicone also, also I sealed it year ago with bitume but I knew this connector needed hard work to become water proof).

Now I just need to put the interior back, which seem to be one more painful operation...

Hope you like this walkthrough. This is both to warn and help L-body owners to keep up their cars. My cars drivers side is still untouched and slightly leaking, so I think there will be more guidance coming... (next summer maybe :P)

Forgive me if I posted this to wrong section... I'm quite new here. :oops:

Re: [FIX]Passenger side wiring harness leak

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:42 am
by ifixalot
Nice work. I can see a lot of effort went into that. Even all the sanding on the under side must have taken a lot of patience.
Then you even painted with a matching color. I hope the repair lasts.

Re: [FIX]Passenger side wiring harness leak

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:31 pm
by Bapsu
Yeah, to be honest sanding and kitting (or whats the word for adding that filler stuff to repair rust damage) took weeks. Specially sanding with battery powered driller took like one week, doing few hours per day. Also messed up the drill; socket is loose nowadays.

It was quite easy to find matching color, just took the paint code and went to nearest spare parts store. Im quite pleased with the shading, actually if you dont know I have done something there, you couldnt see it. :)