How to make coilovers - with options

Want some new struts? What brand springs to buy? How much camber to run? What brake pads? What's the best setup for your situation....
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How to make coilovers - with options

Postby heavywoody » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:48 pm

This guide is a combination effort and shows some idea on how to build a set of coilovers for the front of your car.

First off, credit where credit is due. Help from both Jeff (quadfoursica) and Alex (Alxsmt) were utilized, as they both did this prior to me.

Jeff's setup: ... 15205.html

Alxsmt's setup:

Once you determine what part(s)/ numbers you are going to use, you can search Google to find the best prices - don't feel obligated to purchase these exact parts as you might want different colors or something.

This is what I ordered:

Item/quantity/part number/website

New Left Strut
New Right Strut
Koni Inserts/quantity 2/8641-1231SPORT (google the part number for best prices)
Hyperco 2.5" ID springs, 8" length, 275# rating/quantity 2/you can get whatever length/spring rate you want: ... rings.html
Coilover Sleeve/quantity 2/A1-12452-H/ ... leeve.aspx (measure your strut housing first - my aftermarket strut housings were not this dimension so I had to do lots of grinding/sanding to get them to fit)
Coilover nut/quantity 2/A1-12460/ ... rodID=1744
Take up spring/quantity 2/HYPCS100/
Coil Spring Floater/quantity 2/A1-12487/
2.5" Torrington bearing/quantity 2 - I bought a multipack of these for like $20 from a bearing supply store, you can get them from ebay and the like
Pillowball mounts/quantity 2/ask for gold blocks with bearings from
Swivel hats/quantity 2/ask for swivel hats for 2.5" ID springs from
Custom bushing/quantity 2/ measure your insert and get some made at a machine shop or order from
Custom camber plates/quantity 2
Some thin metal to use as a perch for the coilover sleeve to rest on (I used large washers that were close to the diameter of the strut tube, needed some reaming to slide over the tube, and welded them in place).
Adapter or sleeve for the insert to fit snugly inside the strut housing (some use exhaust tubing)

Exploded view of parts *please note: the stepped bushing to the left of the camber plate was not used in the final assembly*:
Welding complete:
Painted housings:
Assembled pictures:

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Re: How to make coilovers - with options

Postby DanteGTZ » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:49 pm

Woot! I was going to build a set for myself but then I just decided to steal the coilovers off another car in my garage. ;)

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