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Quarter panel

Postby bmroyer » Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:04 am

Where can I purchase a drivers side quarter panel for an 89' Beretta GT. Also looking to add lights and body stuff from a z26 to make mine look more like a z26 except I retain my 5 speed. Will it all for? Also, do I have to cut my quarter panel out a weld a new one in?

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Re: Quarter panel

Postby ifixalot » Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:37 am

I saw some quarter panels on Ebay or just do a Google search.
Yes you have to cut off the old. Not a job for the inexperienced.
All the Z26 stuff will fit but on the rocker panels there are studs that have to come off
under the base trim.This so that you can attach the metal that holds the rocker body panels.
Plus the front turn signals are different since Z26 had fog lights. I think the steel bumper under the cover
is the same. Z26 also directed air to the radiator from the lower front bumper because of the solid grill.
So you have to get those parts or use an egg crate type grill.
My 88's trunk lid will not except a spoiler because there are no holes for the nuts.
I had to get a later model trunk lid so I could use the spoiler. I don't know if the 89
will have the same problem.
I've never done the conversion so I may have missed a couple details.

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