New DD for non snow driving.

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New DD for non snow driving.

Postby GTU89 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:09 pm

2003 Mustang, 3.8/5 Speed[attachment=-1]uploadfromtaptalk1417021353582.jpg[/attachment][attachment=-1]uploadfromtaptalk1417021376039.jpg[/attachment][attachment=-1]uploadfromtaptalk1417021389211.jpg[/attachment]

Looks like new underneath, maybe not a surprise though since these arent typically winter cars. Headers, real dual flowmaster exhaust and a true cai (goes into fenderwell). No idea yet if they did gears/tune. Alot quicker and funner than I expected, RWD is the crap!. Not really a Ford fan but I have always liked these New Edge Mustangs.[attachment=-1]uploadfromtaptalk1417021534857.jpg[/attachment][attachment=-1]uploadfromtaptalk1417021569383.jpg[/attachment]

Still have the truck and GTZ, although i think im selling the GTZ.

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