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Beretta stereo installations

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 21, 2002 11:27 am

For the older style dash Beretta's 87-90 the Radio and the HVAC controls are integrated into one unit. These vehicles will require the dashkit made specifically for them.

The Metra part number for the kit on these will be the 99-3101. Scosche also makes a dash kit for these, but I'm not sure on the part number. Any car audio shop should carry these, just ask for the (year) Beretta Dash Kit, it should cost ~$15 U.S.

You'll also need the 88+ GM wiring harness adapter, and the GM mini to standard Antenna adapter to properly install a radio in these. GM Harness would be a Scosche GM02AB or a Metra 70-1858. The antenna adapter would be a Harada GM6 or CRM7-U, or a Metra 40-GM10. All together these parts may cost you a total of about ~$45(kit included), but it's well worth the money considering the hassle it saves.

For the 91+ dash. You still need the antenna adapter and the same harness, just the kit changes.

Metra's standard GM multi kit works for these, it's part number is the 99-4544. This is also the kit that comes with the 'flat' panel that everyone wants, you just have to cut out the back bracing in the radio cavity to utilize this panel.

For any custom installs on the 91+ dash, you just need to make sure to pick up a 1.5 din kit and it can usually be easily modified to fit the hole. I myself used an American International kit for Dodge products to get the recessed radio mount. Scosche makes a universal GM kit with a recessed mount, that appears to have the top mounting holes that will hold the Beretta bracket, you'd just have to look around to find what you need.



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