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Leadership Announcement

Postby quad4berettagtz » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:24 pm

As we start to close the books on the 2016 BerettaFest planning season, there are a few announcements to make regarding the Beretta.net Committee for 2017 and beyond.

I have informed the Committee that I will be resigning as co-Chairman and Treasurer. This will be effective when the 2017 Committee becomes active this fall after site selection for 2017 and Committee nominations and elections. This was made public at the BerettaFest picnic, and is also posted publicly here and now.

The positions of co-Chairman, and also Treasurer, will be posted open for application in a different post. Please reserve all questions and applications for those positions until that time.

After assisting with BerettaFest planning in 2002, 2003, and 2004 I took over full time planning leading up to the 2005 BerettaFest in Columbus, OH. At that time it was literally a one or two man show, with hopefully some local help from the person who proposed the winning location. Starting with 2005 I instituted the BerettaFest Committee comprising of 3 permanent members, and 3 annually elected members. Since then we have grown the Committee to be not just for BerettaFest, but also overseeing Beretta.net and our Facebook group "Chevy Beretta Owners". The committee has expanded to accommodate growth by adding our Webmaster and a co-Chairman as permanent positions.

I am very proud to have served you, our members, for the last 12 years as Chairman. BerettaFest and Beretta.net has not only survived but rather continues to grow and evolve in an era where many of our peer car groups dwindle off and die. The current Committee leadership is the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and it is with full confidence that I know they won't just keep us afloat but rather they will continue to grow and evolve this club. As my personal commitments have exponentially increased, it has become apparent to me that the best time to take a step back is now. We all could not be in better hands.

So it is with slightly bittersweet feelings that I write you today, because I absolutely and totally love this group. It will always be in my blood. I will always have a passion for our cars, AND our members. With that in mind... I will never leave this group. I will continue faithfully showing up each year to BerettaFest. I will continue to pour my passion back into my cars. I will always be and have always been one of you.

One of my favorite musicians George Harrison once wrote:

"All things must pass,
All things must pass away,
All things must pass,
None of life's strings can last,
So, I must be on my way,
And face another day"

As one chapter closes, I invite you to welcome the next chapter... Whatever that may be. Keep your foot on the floor, never look back, and long live this club!

Your Chairman Emeritus,

Mike - Beretta.net Committee Chairman
'90 Med Garnet GTZ<-250K original Quad 4 miles!
'90 Black GTZ SCCA Solo II #24 DSP<-still sleeping!
'95 Raspberry Z26<-DD duties until GTZ fuel pump is fixed!

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