Committee Opening - Treasurer

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Committee Opening - Treasurer

Postby quad4berettagtz » Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:49 pm

With my announcement that I am stepping down from the Committee, we are opening the position of Treasurer. In 2012 we had consolidated this position into the Chairman's position, however in continuing efforts to keep workloads reasonable we are re-instituting the Treasurer position as a stand alone position. This position is a permanent position and would continue year after year until that person retires from the committee. I have decided to open this position to the general membership in search of a trustworthy candidate. Interested parties will need to apply and will be interviewed for the position.

If you are interested in the position, you MUST do these two things- reply to this message (FB or MB) naming yourself as a candidate, and PM myself or Jon Chmura (3X00-Modified) PRIVATELY listing your qualifications and why you think you would like the job. Professional resumes may be used. We will consider each candidate on a case by case basis. Jon and myself will be making the hiring decision, but in the event of a conflict of interest or other extenuating circumstance the entire Committee may be used to confer and decide the candidate. Once we are done interviewing candidates, we will choose one person and announce our new treasurer.

Job Requirements include but are not limited to:

-Overseeing the BerettaFest bank and PayPal accounts. This account takes in a LOT of money for registration every year, and has a balance that rolls over from one year to the next. At the end of the year the treasurer must give the committee a statement of the account, and MUST be able to produce sufficient records to any and all transactions.

-Distribute cash to myself and other committee members in order to purchase such things like the trophies, banner, picnic food, t-shirts, park reservations, etc.

-Coordinate with the registrar before, during, and after the open and close of registration to ensure smooth operation or Bfest registration.

-Assist in general Bfest planning activities, and assisting at Bfest itself.


-be at LEAST a 3 year veteran of past BerettaFests

-have attended 2 of the last 3 BerettaFests, with intentions of attending in '17 and beyond

-have a stable income and steady address... in the event that something goes wrong we must be able to get ahold of you IMMEDIATELY

It is preferred, but not necessary to:

-be in the banking field or have had past experience with banking

This job opening begins today (6/30) and will run until Friday 7/8. Any applications received after the 8th will be disregarded, so punctuality is a key. Decisions will be announced after all interviews have been conducted, and we hope to announce the new Treasurer within the next few weeks!

Good luck to all applicants!

Mike - Committee Chairman
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Re: Committee Opening - Treasurer

Postby AB737 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:01 am

Hello Everyone!

I would like to be considered for the Treasurer position please! I will be sure to message Jon and Mike my qualifications, but if anyone else would like to know anything, feel free to ask!


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Re: Committee Opening - Treasurer

Postby Stencil » Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:49 pm

I will also submit myself for this position :)

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