Boo I'm Back and Have another new beretta

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Re: Boo I'm Back and Have another new beretta

Postby beretta » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:17 am

this car at the wreckers was bad, passenger side was smashed in,the windshield was pushed way back the dash was shoved back into the center console every door on it was banged and dented, looks like they tryed to drive under a tractor trailer or something the way its banged up.

Went to court for my reckless driving charge from rolling the car, got different fine of "fail to leave road safely" lesser charge no points and i still got my licence lol.. i got my notice in the mail for it, they screwed up so im going to try and have it dropped all together. Charge on my papers reads... "improper lane change"-"fail to signal".. that was someone elses charge in the court that day so its their screw up.

Im confused at how your supposed to safely leave the road when spinning out, or failing to signal before going into the ditch on your roof LMAO

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Re: Boo I'm Back and Have another new beretta

Postby Money pit Beretta » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:42 pm

Yes it is very funny how they word things sometimes. It's all due to the "lesser charge". Still very funny, like improper parking when you put your car up a tree.

keep'em flying!

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Re: Boo I'm Back and Have another new beretta

Postby Rettax3 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:49 pm

beretta wrote:I paid $250 for the black car with all the parts.. And on trade i gave him back the front seats for his project truck ( i have another 2 sets) completely stripped bare 94 chevy truck doors and a steering column for the same truck.
The gtz wheels were beat up and scratched and damage on the lip, i sold them for $160 ( i have a nicer set of gtz wheels)
Had 4 matching snow tires 90% tread but were weather checked i sold those for $75.

So a 96 z26 with..
brand new duraflex vader kit
Gtz rear interior panels
2 white front fenders rust free
2 white doors with power windows rust free ( GTZ panels)
Trunk lid with spoiler
Box of mixed parts / new shocks
Im sure im missing something. But for $15 i have invested i must say thats a DEAL! or a STEAL! lol

A statement like this is like saying you got the best deal on airline tickets, because it only cost you $400 round-trip to England. The next thing you know, someone stands up and mentions how they flew for $20, because their grandmother was the captain, and someone else shakes their head and tells you they were paid $800 to fly first-class because the champagne was too warm!

...I bought my '95 Z-26 for ~$350 needing new cylinder-heads and a radiator. I had those parts sitting around. I sold the car for $1400, didn't get the last $200 payment because the new owner bumper-tagged someone and kept driving until the hood flew open days later. I bought the car back for $100, plus the unpaid $200 balance. I bought a perfect '96 BRM hood for $35, and already had spare headlights and header-panel to fix the rest of the car. At this point, I was at $700 profit to own the car, minus the value of the extra parts I put into it...

...Then I put in a 3400 intake and TB, Z-34 grill I had collecting dust and some custom headlights, a stainless-steel gauge bezel and electro-luminescent 'reverse-glow' silver-faced gauges for maybe $50 total, eventually bought a pair of nice Dunlops for $40. I was still at +$600...

...Then I traded it, and got a my Z-26 rims (and Dunlops) back, a non-running Northstar V-8 five-speed Indy project car, a running and nice-looking '86 Fiero GT with a 3100 swap, hard-shifting auto-trans and some electrical gremlins, and tons of spare parts, and I'm still $600 richer for it. :burn:
...There is a story behind my 2nd '97 Z-24 too, but I'll leave it at I've been paid $400 to swap-out the tranny and own that car too...
...Then there's my Plymouth van that was given to me for the cost of my labor to replace the braking system, but I'm getting farther off-track here...

Seriously though, nice set of cars, congrats on them. It is nice to have one of them to drive, and another one to work on over the cold months. I think you apologize too much for the after-market body-kit -it isn't my speed either, but if you like it then say you like it and enjoy, the rest of us can pound sand if we don't like how your car looks, it is your car. Too bad your G-6 donor wasn't a GTP with the 3900 and manual six-speed F40 trans, but I'm sure your LX9 top-end will rock a 3400 in your car. Oh, and Nice GTZ door-panels -I have a set just like them (except for manual windows) from a black '92, with the doors still attached. I paid $50 each, then found the '96 BRM that donated the hood to my Z-26, and snagged its' right-side door too, and the guy at the junk-yard wouldn't let me pay for it since I had already bought the other pair of GTZ doors! :D

1989 Super Charged 3800 Series II (First)Six-Speed Conversion GTU
1990 Turbo 3.4 5-Speed T-Type
1990 4.0L 4-Cam 32-Valve V-8 5-Speed Indy GTi (Project)
1990 Stock(!) 3.1 MPFI Auto Indy
1995 Z-26
1995 3.4 DOHC Turbo 5-Speed Z-26

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